10 Hacks to Enlighten Our Day to Day Lives

CAUTION: These are the tools found in the hands of some of Histories most profound minds and are among the teachings behind our greatest religions. They have the ability to lead to a “Religious Experience” and may cause life-changing shifts of consciousness. Use at your own discretion.

  1. Sovereignty: The divine right of the natural law states that we have the power to change ourselves, our lives and the world around us.  Thomas Jefferson’s motto was “Rebellion from Tyrants is Obedience too God”.
  2. Self Reflection: The key principle behind The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, this principle applies that by evaluating our actions and behaviours on a daily bases, we can focus on which ones need correcting.
  3. Self Discipline: One must take bad habits and correct them in order to obtain a greater understanding of themselves. The I Ching calls this “a good person”.
  4. Know Thyself: At the Heart of the Egyptian Mysterious was this question, “Man Know Thyself?” The idea that by learning the mystery of the soul, we can better understand not just ourselves but the world around us and apply what we’ve learned about ourselves to enrich our lives on every level.
  5. Eliminate Desire: Like Self Reflection, except the internal problem isn’t a correctable habit but something you want and cant have or something you have no control over. The idea is to find that desire, learn too let it go and move on with your life. It’s one of the key principles of the Buddha.
  6. Clear Mindedness: The principle that a clear mind free from day to day distractions will help the individual become more focused and in tune with nature and in harmony with their role in the world. This is the function of mediation.
  7. Find Your Bliss: This is the same as follow your path or calling in life. Confucius once said, “A man has a hobby to ease his mind after a day of work, but a man who dedicates his life to his hobby never works a day in his life”.
  8. Seek Truth: Seek out the best knowledge and seek out the highest wisdom. The fundamental principle of Zoroastrianism it took to seek out the purest truths of life.
  9. Give Back. Generosity is a powerful tool that was the backbone of early Christianity and other groups such as some Gnostic Sects.  It feels good helping out our fellow man. The I Ching says ” a good person works on himself, but a great person is a good person who can put aside his growth to help and teach others”.
  10. Transcendence: The belief that by overcoming the material world for the world of the inner light, one can rise too higher levels of spiritual enlightenment.

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