Chicken on a Stick

maxresdefault (1)The bacon bellied boy with the thick bowl cut hair sat quietly as the bald haired man bickered to the paper thin brunette behind the steering wheel.

“You’re mother is a pain in my ass” says the bald headed man.

His voice carries a deep sense of anger and pain as the tension inside the 88 Buick began to boil up towards a simmer.

“At least I know my mother” says the paper thin brunette.

The tension thickens as the boy’s heart begins to race. The blood pumps heavy through his veins. The stress so thick it suffocates him. He thinks of something to say. Something! Anything!

He opens his mouth.

“Ain’t that a Chicken on a Stick” says the boy.

The bald man and the paper thin brunette’s scrunched up faces loosen up as they look at the boy and then at each other. They burst into laughter as the balloon of tension deflates before it pops. They remain silent with smiles the rest of the way home.

“Do you remember saying that” asks the Bald man. His face his leathery with little grey and white stubbles.

The Millenial in his mid-Tween’s smiles.

“I didn’t know what to say to cut the tension and so I thought of the first thing that came to mind”.

The bald man smiles back.

“And it worked”.

And so I think this is the way I approach writing. I unconsciously make every story and joke look and sound stupid on the surface but make their function deep and memorable. And, if possible, look and feel sexy while doing it.


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