Jordan Peele talks about Winning Best Original Screenplay.

I was listening to Jordan Peele’s Oscar speech for Best Orginal Screenplay. He wrote the popular 2017 Horror film Get Out.

The thing that struck it home for was when he mentioned putting the screenplay down twenty times but always knowing in his heart that if he could find the right people willing to make this film, then it will be a success.

Do You Have any Great Original Screenplay Ideas?

Do you have any stories of your own that keep drawing you back in? What are they? Please send a brief description of your story in the comments below. Here one of my own stories.

The Hunter and the Hunted: In 1988, a group of friends mysteriously die in the Alaskan Wilderness. Thirty years later an ambitious young Journalist and the only living investigator assigned to the case revisit the crime scene for answers. And what they find is sometimes the truth comes easy, but surviving it can be difficult.


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