In Bloom


No word expresses
this feeling felt
except, between
your illuminating
smile; and the rain
after the dusk, of
fortnights toil is a
rainbow reflection
showing only us- in
freshened puddles;
and deep beneath
slowly rooted
a seedling sprouting
our flower blooming.


Joke of the Day, The Stupidity of Hard Work

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was proving to myself that I’m a hard worker. I should have been lazy. I could have been an office jockey or a McManager by now. Hard work is a bad idea in the corporate world like being honest during a job interview. I was honest during a job interview once. It made the lady trying to get me the job look bad. I guess things like hopes and dreams and aspirations aren’t allowed anymore.

I once said to a friends mom that “it was Confucius who once said a man has a hobby to pass the time and stress of working all day. But a man who makes a career out of his hobby never works a day in his life”. She said “that’s great but that’s not how things work”. Which is an encouraging life lesson coming from a woman whose parents helped finance her business.

My father is the same way. I once asked him if he wanted to invest in my writings. He scoffed. I asked why? He said “because I don’t see any returns out of it”. A great Philosophy from somebody whose parents financed his business.

And for a man who has never even read one of my posts. He had the audacity to tell me to start censoring myself. Dude. Really? I’m a Independent Writer. The only luxury I have is lack of censorship. I find it insulting that someone who runs from responsibility like Harrison Ford in the Fugitive has even the audacity to suggest this in the first place.

The worst part is I go to work and deal with the same kinds of people everyday. It’s a bunch of bosses and like three people trying to mind their own business that the rest try to get fired. I happen to be one of those three people. I don’t mean to make you look bad. We all go through those mental stages; and a rare few have the ability to transcend beyond even those.

Bosch, Between Heaven and Hell


Bosch painted a lot of religious works especially dealing with the Passion and crucifixion of Christ. He’s most famous for his chaotic Triptych’s, such as his famous depictions of revelations. However, why all the violence, lust and demotic imagery for such a devout Christian?


We must understand that Hieronymus Bosch’s hell’s had a point. They symbolized the torment one would receive in the afterlife for a lifetime wasted focusing on earthly pleasures instead of purifying the soul. It should be apparent that Bosch’s chaos is a direct effect of the black plague. The dark images are remnants of a nightmare reality caused by the atrocities of disease.

Looking at the Garden of Earthly Delights

In the center is life after the fall of Eden. Here, men and women are seen indulging in the finer things in life- love making, dancing, feasting and unity with the beasts of this world. However, that type of living had consequences.


The famous Triptych known as the Garden of Earthly Delights painted by Norwegian artist, Hieronymus Bosch.



Here, we have a depiction of hell. Bosch sees hell as ironic, where the pleasures of life becomes the downfall of character. Demons feast on the souls as if for substance, the games of chance are held over the heads of the damned and the instruments- tools of the party slowly crush it’s most beloved goers.



Here, we have God welcoming Eve into the Garden of Eden. In this image, man lives along side the beasts where they are separated by their devotion to God. Also, God is present on earth; which seems that Bosch was associating the Garden of Eden as a kind of Heaven on Earth before the fall of innocence.

Haunted by the Living


“Man, Louie would love to meet some ghosts”. We sat quietly to hear his outlandish exclamation as to why he would love to encounter a specter.”Ole Louie always wanted to meet those wandering bastards. I wanna know how they do it! Because, when I come back Ole Louie’s gonna wanna haunt some hot college slutty’s”. You know, watch over them like an angel. “Yeah” I replied. “When, their showering”.

The Spirit Radio

I had a buddy come over last night. We started talking about ghosts. He asked me if I ever heard of a spirit radio? I told him Nikola Tesla invented it. Tesla didn’t believe in afterlife communication.

Than one night he saw his mother in a dream, the clouds parted and she flew away into the sky; that mourning he heard the news that his mother died that night and his feelings about the afterlife changed: so, he invented the Spirit Radio.

He waited until I finished. He had a cautionary tale to tell. He began to speak in his Mississippi River valley twang. ” I have a buddy” he said, “who liked to goof off with his spirit radio”. He smiled. “Yeah, him and some of his buddies were having a good ol time on that thing _. You know how those things work?” he asked me.

I said, “yeah, there tuned to different frequency patterns than our man-made antenna waves”. He nodded his head. “That’s right” he said. “These buddies of mine were having fun with this damn thing one night. They ended up talking to something” he paused. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“They asked it its name. It said its name is “Asmodeus” or something. They kept talking to it until they looked up the name online. It’s a high demon of hell, bad news. So, they quit talking to it. They, don’t play around with the spirit radio anymore”.

A wireless light bulb went off in my head. I wanted to get me one of these spirit radios. I wanted to meet the spirits that haunt this place. I wanted to get to know them. The idea resonated inside my psyche…

Smart Phones should ban Stupid People

6de65b93e61b44acc1a1257676d95721I read somewhere that smartphones have more computing power than the Apollo 11 shuttle landing on the moon. Yet, I can’t find a decent GPS app for my phone- “Take a left into Lake Michigan”.

“The closest this generation will come to launching a rocket on the moon is Dick pics to Russian spammers.”

Then you’ve got those adolescent crybabies who stand around with their phone in their hand, pushing my buttons. I begin to think. What are their kids going to be like?

“I fear a future run by emotionless robots- but enough about the smartphone generation.”

They need to come out with an App that measures Smart Phone users stupidity factor. Every time you listen to pop music, the meter goes up into your forced to listen to classical music.

“I’m writing the first text message novella. It’s five thousand words written completely in acronyms”.

10 Ways to Succeed as a Hard Worker

images (3)I’ve done hard labor my entire life. No, I’ve never been to prison or jail or even arrested. My father owned a successful roofing business. Was it nepotism? No. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up. I became a valuable member of the team. I didn’t receive any special treatment and didn’t expect any in return. Here’s what I’ve learned from over tens years as a laborer.

  1. Keep your eyes on the work and not on watch. Yes, the work is hard. Nobody wants to do back-breaking labor for the compensation. The pay is low nowadays- fewer skills means less money. But, dragging your butt on the job makes the hours seem like days. If you keep working hard, the hours seem like minutes. Do it, make your money and someday become a big time hot.
  2. Look at it as a paid workout. Why pay big bucks for a gym membership when you could get paid for a well-rounded workout? Labor is good for the body. It helps pump blood through your body especially oxygen through that beautiful mind. That way you can now more clearly think over your plan to get out of this situation.
  3. It builds character. When you work hard and do a good job. You feel accomplished at the end of the day. It toughens you up and helps you grow as a person. We all have to start somewhere, so look at it as an opportunity instead of as a burden. Besides, it’s literally good for the heart. It’s also good for the part of your brain that’s hardened to disappointment.
  4. Respect comes from hard work. Nobody likes a lazy employee. Even if this is only a temporary position, take the benefits granted from hard work with you to every other job. Bosses love hard workers. Granted, you’ll become the one they’ll learn to depend on. Yet, that’s job security and that’s important later on down the road when you start building a family. Just don’t let your boss know how hard you actually work.
  5. It strengthens connections. You’ll gain lifelong friends along the way. Good people are found in all sectors of society. Being a hard worker always sticks. Having that trait makes you a valuable asset to any company. Don’t burn those bridges, you might find yourself needing that job later in life. It’s always something to fall back on. And if you become a big time hot shot, buy out their competitors and steal their workforce. That’s how a Japanese businessman exacts his revenge- and Wal-Mart.
  6. Skills develop naturally from exposure. Take even the most basic factory job. You’ll eventually learn how to use a forklift, you’ll see how the foreman does his job, etc. These skills will come to you once you learn your tasks well enough to absorb the duties of the other positions around you. This is true for any job or career. Just don’t let the foreman know you’re getting observant enough to do his job. Buy him alcohol for a present and let nature take care of the rest.
  7. Acquire a positive attitude. Be the best at everything you do in life even it’s scrubbing toilets for a living. By remaining positive, better opportunities will come your way. People catch onto that. You’ll become the one they go to when they need work to be done right. It builds trust and makes you valuable as an employee. Be positive but also an asshole or people will think you’re weak and will walk all over you. It’s a difficult balance to maintain especially on the road.
  8. Be the solution, not the problem. Being negative only places stress on yourself and the people around you. Try to make the situation better for everyone. Be the role model that leads by example. It’ll make the other workers around you try harder. Friendly competition goes along way, encourage others and they’ll be content with their work as well. This usually works best when working around women, men usually want to play mind games until they see which one will submit to the other. I prefer working with women.
  9. What you know now, benefits you later. Even if you go on to do something else, you can always take what you’ve learned and use it to make extra money. Maybe, a neighbor needs a roof done or a relative needs an extra helping hand. It’s a good way to make extra money on the side. It’s also a good reminder that you’re not a lazy fuck who thinks the world his here to cater to his needs.
  10. You’ll learn to relate to the plight of others. Knowing how it feels to work hard for your money is always a good trait in anybody espically in sales, public relations or customer service. You’re less likely to look down on others when you can put yourself in their shoes. Like why your fat stupid ugly boss is such a dick. You know that guys got issues.

How do you like your Coffee?

wm-frontWhen, people ask me “How I like my coffee?”

I usually respond with one of the following-

  • Black like my people.
  • Black like my metal.
  • Black like my comedy.
  • Black like the faint gleam of light that clouds my mind.

WHAO! That last one got a little toooooo poetic! Sorry, I’ll keep the blackness hidden within the bosom of my soul to myself! AH! I did it again!

I guess what they say is true. “Once you go black. You never go Half & Half”.

So, how do you like your coffee world?

Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.


Weekly Humor, Debriefing the Phallic Nature of War.

Sometimes, I look at war & only see a bunch of phallic symbols swinging around in the air. Come on, unsheathing your long hard rod and stabbing it into the guts of another person might sound like a fun night in Vegas; but this is the reality.39345386

Personally, I think war is two cultures who secretly want to screw each other but are sexually repressed by their religion. So, they whip out their guns and shoot their hot load in their enemies face.

Or, maybe war is a tyrannical act of the elite ruling classes ritualistic sacrifice to see whose weapons are bigger, stronger, harder, faster and longer lasting than their competitors.

It’s about how much built up seamen these war mongers can unleash in their enemies faces before they completely drain the gene pool.

36619725 I hope someday we make self-consciousness firearms which are self-aware of their masters. If they don’t like their master, they blow up in their faces. Self sacrifice! That’s one honourable algorithm.

I also hope someday those same guns explode on emotional impact.