20 Hacks to Help Improve your Mental Health

  • Quit taking life so serious and remind yourself to laugh. Watch your favorite stand up comedians, movies, books, whatever. Find that funny place. It lowers stress rates and us reminds how ridiculous this all truly is. [1]
  • Remind yourself that everyone is unique; but we’re all created from the same place, the universal mind, so quit thinking you’re so special. Find the people you connect with and become part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Quit wasting precious creative energy. Quit trying too fix the world. Fix yourself. Find a medium of creative expression; and recreate yourself. [2]
  • Know yourself. Quit projecting your insecurities onto others. Know we are limitless & boundless. Society places those restrictions on us because it scares the hell out of the system. Flush all that out of your system. Find what needs to be rewritten. Take criticism seriously. Knowing your limits is the first step towards breaking free of them. [3]
  • Stop taking things personal. This is hard when we deal with the grand pecking order of a daily basis. Laugh it off. Take this social bullying as a life challenge. Us that disgust in your favor. Put a positive spin on that forces you too start making making the changes towards your desired goals. [4]
  • Humans are creatures of habit. It takes ten thousand hours before something becomes natural. So practice good habits because over time, the bad habits become harder too detect.
  • Read a book, watch a documentary, listen too a pod cast. Keep your mind sharp. Quit filling your soul with ear candy and junk food T.V. Truth is organic, it is the holistic
  • Keep your eyes open for new information, keep your ears open for the latest ideas; because, you never know where you’ll get that next important bit of information. [5]
  • Ideas are tools. Learning to use them will only benefit you. Ideas are free. If you dig hard enough on the net, you’ll find the highest quality ideas to add too your tool box.
  • Instead of trying to categorize things in life, learn to build connections between them.
  • When taking on a major task for the first time, take it step by step. Learn to be refrained, hold back, keep your phallic guitar god skills in your pants and learn too the basics step by step.
  • Don’t ever tell yourself, I can’t do something or that it’s impossible. You’re planting those thoughts in your head; that’ll only bring those thoughts too fruition later on. Weed out all the resistance and nurture only what’s going to bear you a bountiful harvest. [6]
  • Every night, think about what you did well that day and also what needs improvement. [7]
  •  Learn to love yourself unconditionally. This doesn’t mean making out with the mirror while you embrace yourself in wild passion. That’ll only put you one step closer too jumping in the lake too save your own reflection. Simply- do what is best for yourself.
  • Remain content with life because it decreases the chances of seduction or manipulation. So, try not too lock others out by being insecure. [8]
  • Radiate with love especially unconditional love. Burn brighter than all the stars in the galaxy with complete sincerity, passion and remorse instead of festering guilt, regret, hate or fear. You know, find your bliss. [9]
  •  Stay away from negative influences especially addiction to hard drugs such as Liquor, Opiates and Cocaine because of the people and situations these subcultures produce.
  • People, the way they project themselves and the activities they partake in effects the environment. In order to survive, humans adapt mentally to their surroundings at an exceptional rate. So, remain aware of people and their surroundings at all times.
  • Learn too find balance within yourself, with nature, the universe and with the world around you.
  • Become a great person by helping first yourself; and then by teaching others what has worked for you. [10]

Key Sources

[1] Ideas taken from Mel Helitzer’s Comedy Writing Secrets Second Edition that claims that humor Psychologically is often the effect of one group of people expressing a sense of superiority over others often higher on the pecking order. The Philosopher Alan Watts discusses in a lecture about how the historical Fool was one who saw the System as a game Modern examples include most Stand Up Comedians with strong Emphasis on George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Joe Rogan.

[2] Ideas taken from “The Mystery of Sex” a chapter from Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich. The concept of the Universal mind also comes up in Think and Grow Rich, most religions, mystery school religions, Theoretical Physics, etc.

[3] Most of the concepts here can be found in The Essential Kabbalah, Translated by Daniel C. Matt.

[4] A major lesson taken out of Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

[5] Idea taken from writer and Salesman Tom Hopkins

[6] This is a less aggressive approach too the ideas taken from the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

[7] Concept of daily self reflection taken from The Golden Verses of Pythagoras with the Commentary of Hierocles.

[8] A major point examined in Robert Greene’s book The Art of Seduction.

[9] Lesson taken from Joseph Campbell’s Documentary film: The Power of Myth.

[10] The concept of being a Great Person comes from Thomas Cleary’s Translation of The Taoist I Ching with Commentary by Confucius.