5 Reasons Why Creativity is Beneficial in the Work Place

Five Reasons Creativity is Beneficial for the workplacebox, business, celebrate

This doesn’t mean standing around goofing off while on the clock. We can all work and share a joke or a story at the same time. We can all manage to take a free online course at a time and receive a free certificate of completion displayable on our LinkedIn accounts. We can all manage a little more audiobooks and a little less television. But why? What good does creativity benefit the average individual? Well… Here are 5 good reasons why creativity is beneficial in the workplace.

1. Keeps the daily grind feeling fresh and new. This boosts energy and increases productivity. It also makes the day go by faster.

2. This little bit of freedom and playfulness helps to loosen the tension. This means more time spent focusing on the task at hand.

3. It helps to keep your mind sharp and alert. This helps with problem-solving and details. 

4. It changes the way you perceive the world, opening you up to new perspectives. This creates human empathy which helps build bridges over social and cultural barriers.

5. Allows us to express ourselves. And by letting ourselves be more vulnerable, we can begin to connect with ourselves, our co-workers and the Customer on a more genuine level.