Our Minds are Gardens, Wisdom

Our minds are gardens where every word, thought, feeling and idea is a seed. Often, we don’t recognize that this is the reality. Those little seeds planted by ourselves and others until they begin to blossom.

This is very dangerous, a tiny seed can grow into a huge problem. A tiny seed can deeply root itself in the nutrients of the sub consciousness; slowly choking out all the flowers and sturdy trees of our consciousness.

As a gardener, you are negligent on your duties if you allow this to happen; because,  to let the flowers of life to blossom and the trees of knowledge ripen. We must pull the weeds out by their roots ourselves.


Step Up and Be Happy

Happiness is a skill we must first practice. Practice happiness a little everyday starting with baby steps.

Eventually, that skill will become habit like crawling.

That habit will become natural like walking.

Then you can start advancing happiness into other skills like jumping, kicking and even running.

And even further like performing Ninja Back Flips over Chuck Norris in Hyper Space.

We have this power if we focus hard enough; and practice long enough.

Happiness becomes apart of our own self discipline and the Mastery over our own destiny. We have the power to reach that transformation.

And in the end. The last thing we control is our emotions. So smile. Watch some comedy. Lighten up. And be happy.